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Diana Ross at Air Jamaica Jazz Festival

Every thing was irie, Getting in the groove, I just a come down to movements when someone said ‘dont move’! Diana said ‘no cameras’!

That was the story of Diana Ross’ performance at this popular event on January 26, 2008 in Montego Bay. She insisted that all video recording devices must be turned off before she hit the stage, much to the disappointment of her many fans and patrons. The Jamaica Gleaner carried the story the following Monday leading with:

Though Diana Ross went through multiple wardrobe changes, most fans at the annual Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival who forked out thousands of dollars didn’t even see her face on the event’s final night on Saturday”.

The world of communication has certainly changed in recent times, thanks to the internet. Many a live performance is recorded and and posted on sites such as flickr and youtube almost instantaneously. How will mega stars like Diana protect their rights in ensuring that their appearances on stage are not published by others? Food for thought

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