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Reading the stars and moon.  astrology love.  The Zodiac.  The Tarot.  All are methods of trying to understand the present and predict the future, and have been used by human beings—in one form or another—since there were people. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we become what we are told we are: Cancer act so, Capricorns like this, and so on, but that the confluence of the planets and the deep cell memory of the unconscious work together to make us who we are, depending on when we were born, and under which planetary alignment we came to be.However, in the current century, there are some scientific skeptics who are starting to question just whether or not there is, in fact, some science behind the basic astrology report.

However, these symbols are also much more advanced than these simplistic examples; for instance, the lion is the king of the jungle, and the astrological symbol for that king is the Leo.  Is it any wonder then that we perceive Leos as having certain traits and characteristics, ones that remind of the king of beasts? 

Of these twins in the study, 153 out of 238 demonstrated characteristics that were consistent with the assertions of astrology.  In a second study, there has been an attempt to demonstrate the effect of the planets on the potential athleticism of the subject under study.  What was found was the “Mars Effect”: those born at exactly the point of Mars being in dominance did tend to show greater levels of athletic prowess.  This study has been replicated countless times, and been shown to be more consistent than not. 

With the introduction of Quantum Physics and the concurrent demonstration that, in fact, there is a connection between all forms of matter—regardless of how disparate two different forms of matter may be—suddenly the belief behind astrology love starts to be a bit more unbelievable. 

But is there any real truth to be found in astrology love?  Is there any real science behind searching the stars?

While there is no way to scientifically prove this correlation, literally hundreds of years of observation and experience go a long way toward giving it at least some credibility.  Basically, astrology appeals to our “deeper psyche,” and we respond to those deep messages, messages imprinted upon us—perhaps at the level of the cell—eons ago.

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