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Nikon D700 – Full Frame Precision

In honor of the Nikon Corporation’s pursuit to be at the forefront of imaging and optics technology, the Nikon d700 is every ounce true. This professional-level digital single-lens reflex camera working on full frame has been taking scores of enthusiasts engaged into a higher level of artistry and connection to the world around them. Check some of the highlights of this stellar camera.

In camera talk, no amazement can add bearing more than the subject of image resolution and it’s not a big surprise that the Nikon d700 stays atop. This amazing DLSR employs 12.1 million effective pixels along with Nikon‘s original FX-format CMOS image sensor to resolve images in full details; capturing every life and drama that the scene and the subject has to offer. This combination affords user enormous enlargements without any compensation on picture quality.

In addition to picture perfect quality, the d700 comes with a wide ISO sensitivity range of ISO 200 – 6400, which also can be set to ISO-equivalent 25,600 for better and wider photographic experience regardless of the lighting condition. Whether during the midday or with dim settings, images still come out with crystal clear precision.

For faster and more effective analog to digital processing,Nikon has put in its original EXPEED digital image processing concept. Utilizing the camera‘s FX-format CMOS sensor, it results to rich and varied gradation, and high definition images.

With regards to high speed photography, the d700 is at par with the different professional flagships of rival or the same brand. The camera is capable of shooting burst at 5 frames per second; that, with the rechargeable Li-ion Battery coming with the kit. But with the use of the optional multi-power battery pack or 8 AA-size batteries, it can shoot continuous burst of up 8 frames per second. This leaves no room for chance to capture the excitement and emotion of any scene or activity.

One thing d700 users adore is the 3-inch LCD monitor that uses a staggering 920,000-dot resolution with a expansive ultra-wide viewing angle. This large screen allows users to preview images and videos in full crisp and color with ease and convenience.

The Nikon d700 digital single-reflex camera comes with a variety of features for high quality images and high speed precision. All of which allows users to advance on their fields of expertise, increase their level of artistry and ultimately giving them optimum experience.

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