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Mechanistic science replaced traditional belief in relationships, and the adherents of the power of astrology were considered trapped in the past, in a wished-for world of magic and mysticism.  This remained the prevailing belief well into the 20th century. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we become what we are told we are: Cancer act so, Capricorns like this, and so on, but that the confluence of the planets and the deep cell memory of the unconscious work together to make us who we are, depending on when we were born, and under which planetary alignment we came to be.However, in the current century, there are some scientific skeptics who are starting to question just whether or not there is, in fact, some science behind the basic astrology report.

There are two studies from France that adopt a more respected scientific method and have gone some way toward showing there may be science behind the stars.  The first used sets of identical twins who have nearly identical birth astrology charts. 

Of these twins in the study, 153 out of 238 demonstrated characteristics that were consistent with the assertions of astrology.  In a second study, there has been an attempt to demonstrate the effect of the planets on the potential athleticism of the subject under study.  What was found was the “Mars Effect”: those born at exactly the point of Mars being in dominance did tend to show greater levels of athletic prowess.  This study has been replicated countless times, and been shown to be more consistent than not. 

There are thousands of books dedicated to astrology, astrology charts, astrology reports, and birth astrology.  Almost everyone knows their own birth sign and millions read their daily horoscope trying to predict just what the day may bring. 

What this means is that there is a “universal interdependence,” that all forms of matter in the universe are interconnected at the molecular level.  However, while proponents of believing that astrology can be demonstrated to be a hard science have certainly been steadfast and sure in their beliefs, they constantly run up against a core scientific principle: can it be proven and then replicated?  The answer—to this point—is no. 

In conclusion, relationships can neither be proven or disproved. Welcome to the religion club.

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