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The Following Story is brought to you by Numerology

I gave up wading through the murky waters
To find you
Kissing away the tear drops
And imagining them rain drops

I pushed back the want to wait for you
The compulsive hope that you'd come for me
I gave up watching out
On the front porch
I've turned out the light that beckoned you

And I shifted from the edge
Now, I inhabit the middle of the bed
The center is my turf
I will not picture you beside me tonight

I close the door as always
To keep the what's outside out
But I will lock the door this time
So that I will not have to see your face

And I pummeled my aching heart
Chiseled me a new one of steel and stone
I engraved it
This gunmetal trap-my new home

The apathy that hunts down emotion
Lay claim on me and won
So I erased your muddied steps from
The lines upon my palm


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