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Recover hard drive data – the problem with water

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This is not a good idea to dive into hard water. Sloppy is not water and expand the filter to remove impurities, but not preclude the use of minors, but most of the water to try to access the system.

Unfortunately, there is always choice. When the sky opens a hurricane or putting away the sea to the mainland, most urgent "'**** "have the tendency toAllow the device for data input items, and thanks for the hydro-electric power problems and the consequences are delivered.

First, the water appears Electronics run on electricity, to go to where it does not really want, and maybe even the French, or two, when the device is submerged prolongation of other problems.

Drying of the discs may not be enough. If the waterHDA and the subsequent problems are serious. Usually with such water flooding problem connected, it contains many impurities. (Remember that some of these pollutants are also dangerous to the health and functioning of the machine).

These pollutants are the surface of the disk platter and the read head to useless. Try to end with the device when the humidity istoo rarely to the success (though), but the device from damage, destruction are the result soon.

Head of terrain are based on the flow of air through a smooth, glossy cover, and may lead to rpm contact with the leader and the source of 10 000 used to be can.

We have sent first drives do not seem to harm server, but a complete analysis of the surface dataof the platter there are scratches and rings where the heads have marked the surface as it passes beneath, often there are grooves in the surface caused by a sever contact.

What not to do?

Don’t take chances with your life or health.

Attempting to get equipment from, for example, a flooded basement is a very dangerous act. Flood water is not usually clean, so can carry disease and can also hide obstacles that could leave an untrained person becoming trapped or even Drowning.

Let a professional heroism, when they work so that you do the same.

What can be done

To cope with a large water damaged hard drive must be maintained. First, check whether the position is necessary if you can not find anywhere else, so much pain can be avoided.

To get started, everything is clean, has no place in the market of any residue canserious problem.

In general, managers must be replaced. Clean the head, but the disc can be treated as obsolete and long-term replacement can be obtained.

In some cases, effects on water and sediment samples, causing problems in the bearings and shaft drive and the tray does not rotate. This is probably the biggest problem so that the tray (s) will be transferred to a new home. OfThe only device is not too serious, but difficult to harmonize album for the accuracy of the plate to lose, and the chance to recover a large.

The prognosis is generally good, if it tries again as soon as flooding on the computer to connect not just to see what happens. We have seen many books, dishes, work opportunities, which were collected from a missedwithout going through the cleaning process, the result is that the head and the disc is damaged, often sick.

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