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Heading to High Barnet in Hertfordshire

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When you visit High Barnet you will be located in North London. Another of those suburban development areas. It would begin to be built up during the 12 century and only ten short miles from Charing Cross. Normally it will be referred to by a shortened version of the name that being Barnet.

The location of the Battle of Barnet back in the year 1471 it would be where Richard Neville would be killed. Also the location of the horse fair once it was around in 1588. Sometimes this site will be referred to as Chipping Barnet too. The chipping stands for the term market.

During the times of the Saxon rule there was a wood that would be located in this area, called Southaw. This spot would be a normal resting spot that many people would stop at and enjoy when heading from Edinburgh to York.

The highest spot in the town is held by the parish church that sits on Barnet Hill. The next closest spot that is higher would be 2,000 miles away in the Ural Mountains. Market day has been around for more than 800 years in Barnet.

Plus there are many places that you can shop in this town. Including the Spires and other stores. Check out the Baptist church that was built in 1560 it is located in town center. It’s a lovely spot to see many things that are rich in history.

Some people you’ve most likely heard of from Barnet include much troubled singer Amy Winehouse. Or even Mike Skinner who is a producer of music and also a rapper. The first guitarist from the band Yes, Peter Banks is also from this location.

Another area that was built up for more people to live in during the growth of London. Plus a great area that is rich in history and offers you much to do. Check out High Barnet when you have a chance.

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