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Achieving Depth & Distance: Painting Landscapes In Oils

Achieving Depth & Distance: Painting Landscapes In Oils Bob Ross want-a-be – J. Lee – OH USA
This book spends less than a page on how to achieve depth and distance. Rest are pretty much Bob Ross’ for those who used his books. I’ve used Bob Ross’ books to begin my oil painting hobby and wanted to move on to intermediate level and thought this book would help. I don’t recommend it…I will return it if I can.

: Realism in landscape painting is the ultimate goal of many fine artists and leisure-time painters, and this book shows how to achieve that goal by using the right colors, values and textures to express near, middle and great distance. Included are demonstrations for all seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn, thus addressing how depth of field in the landscape changes during each time of year. Each demo is carefully designed to clearly indicate relative distance within the paintings and learning is made easy through the use of colorful diagrams, reference photos, and eye-catching side-by-side comparisons.
Achieving Depth & Distance: Painting Landscapes In Oils

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