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Choosing The Best Digital Camcorders

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Good parts make a good product, this is true for any product. To produce a fine luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles tend to have many extra details that make them great. Little things like heated seats, leather seats and steering wheel mounted controls. This trend has recently carried over to the best digital camcorders. Recently DVD camcorders with many different features have been out selling the standard, basic Mini DV camcorders. But does technology really make the newer models the best digital camcorders?

The way your images are recorded is a main feature to consider when trying to decide between the best digital camcorders. The standard MiniDV units do offer great video and ease of editing but they still use mini tapes that will wear out over time. DVD models store images directly onto DVD, which should last forever. Min DV can be transferred to DVD but requires extra time and software to accomplish.

Another very important consideration to keep in mind when comparing the best digital camcorders is the weight and size of the unit. Weight will have a large impact on how much you use your camera. After all no one wants to heave a heavy camcorder with them on a hiking or camping trip. Although smaller is easier to use smaller camcorders often have inferior lenses, less features and smaller controls when compared to larger models.

The size of the screen should also be taken into consideration when choosing between the best digital camcorders. A bigger screen makes seeing what you are filming much easier then a smaller screen. Playback will also be much more enjoyable on a larger camcorder screen. Although it seems even the larger models have very small screens and finding a screen you feel is large enough on todays best digital camcorders may be challenging.

Some smaller details you may want to look for in your camcorder are a microphone that has the ability to link to an external mic or one that has an audio zoom. Although many of the best digital camcorders on the market will have the ability to film in low light some may not. Some models may not have the sensitive lens required but may have built in LED illumination to assist with low light filming. So if this is important to you make sure you ask if your model has low light filming ability.

In order to choose the best digital camcorder the unit features play an important role. However always make sure the unit feels good in you hand and feels well built!


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