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Funeral Songs

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Searching for funeral songs has been a difficult task for many people. The majority of music available to be played at these ceremonies tends to make us feel sad and depressed, rather than positive and grateful for the experiences of sharing our lives with the departed. An internet query results in songs that are completely inappropriate to be used within circumstances that include people who are suffering, grieving, and in mourning.

An explanation for this situation is more difficult to find. Perhaps songwriters and musicians feel uncomfortable creating music for events that they consider to be unfortunate. Others may be afraid of a topic that disturbs them. Most do not understand that a funeral is also a celebration of life, and focus on what has been lost, instead of what has been given and shared.

This has made choosing funeral songs an awkward and challenging ordeal. Several people don’t know where to begin and require guidance. The following are suggestions for those who are searching for the proper piece of music to be played at a funeral:

-aid mourners through the grieving process by searching for an uplifting song that is consoling, instead of a disturbing, dark, and depressing piece of music that will make them feel worse.

-choose professionally recorded music that will be audible and easily understood by everyone at the ceremony.

-find a recording that will serve as a tribute to your loved one and a celebration of life that says thank you and goodbye, not music that will state how unfortunate the situation is.

-choose a funeral song that will become a memento to family, friends, and acquaintances of the deceased, in order to give them positive reflections and memories.

-make the funeral unique and special by searching for a piece of music that is new and meaningful, rather than the same music that is used at many other funerals.

Selecting beautiful funeral songs may be the last opportunity we have to pay proper homage to our loved ones, while creating wonderful mementos for ourselves!

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