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LDS Art Museum – Mormon Artwork

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wants to encourage its members to express their creativity and develop their talents. The church owns a museum in Salt Lake City called the Museum of Church History and Art which houses information about the history of the Mormon people. It also has art from members of the Church all around the world.

The artwork displayed varies in form from paintings and sculptures to children’s drawings and quilts. Every year they hold an international art competition with a theme. People from all over the world submit their creations and the winners have their art displayed at the museum and on the museum website.

I personally know two people who have created artwork that has been displayed in the museum, one created a marble sculpture and the other a painting. You don’t have to have a special position or live in a certain area for your artwork to be considered, but it generally needs to contain religious elements or be a reflection of individual testimony and faith.

The museum changes their exhibits regularly; previous, upcoming, and current exhibits can be viewed on their website, but it is definitely no substitute for visiting. They have a small store where artwork and other items may be purchased.

One exhibit that remains constant is portraits of individual prophets, past and present. The museum has also housed artwork done by prophets and apostles, such as the artwork of Boyd K. Packer. But whether viewing items created by someone well known, or someone unknown, the viewing experience is inspiring.

Art is an expression of faith and a celebration of beauty. It is one way members of the LDS faith choose to honor God.

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