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No one is born “SEO Smart”- not the person who is making the most on this site and not the people who are into internet marketing for decades. If you have been writing for 5-6 months and then realize that your articles get very few page views, you start wondering why that is. May be it's because you are not as SEO Smart as you would like to be. Once you realize this, you either:

1- Live with it.

2- Tell yourself 'I am done writing online!'

3- You think of what you can do to become SEO Smart, instead of getting demoralized.

If you choose options 1 or 2, this article won't help. But if you want to take on the challenge and become SEO Smart, read on.

1. Be proud of yourself, even if you are not SEO Smart. No one can take your writing accomplishments from you. You wrote well on good topics, which mattered to you. Getting ideas to write is a huge achievement in itself!

2. If you realize that you are not SEO smart, enter the learning period. Take one week off from writing, to learn about SEO techniques. Read simple articles that can help you get SEO smart. You could start with Writing Articles that Make Money for Life-Pillar Articles: Writing Essentials 5

Get Backlinks and Increase Your Pagerank: Writing Essentials 1Bookmark 'SEO Smart' articles in your browser and refer to them.

3. Start using basic SEO tricks by getting back to your old articles. Read How to Increase Traffic to Old Articles and New Ones?: Writing Essentials 4

4. Refer to SEO smart articles that you have bookmarked in your one week of learning. Start writing your new articles keeping these in mind. You will get into the flow slowly, but surely.

5. Being SEO smart will get you more money as your visits increase. With time, you will learn new SEO tricks. Learning should never stop. Even the 'SEO masters' keep updating their skills. Else, they would not remain masters in this ever changing world of technology.

6. Good content is important. Now that you are SEO smart, your articles will get more exposure. But the article has to be good to begin with. Else, no amount of SEO will work.

Hope this helps. Respect to one and all.
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