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VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIT) is urgently finalizing the White Book on Information Technology 2010 to provide official data about Vietnam’s information and communication industry (ICT).


Tech journalists choose top ten ICT persons of decade

HCMC ICT Awards honor 11 winners


The book will provide statistics and other information about the country’s ICT infrastructure, IT sector, post and telecom industry, IT application, IT human resources, the system of legal documents on ICT, Vietnam’s cooperation in terms of ICT and big ICT businesses in Vietnam.


MoIC’s IT Information Department, the book’s compiler, reported that the White Book on IT 2010 is based on the 2009 version, but is updated with more recent news about topics like Vietnam’s IT import export, information security and Internet.


The book will be submitted to the MoIC in mid-June 2010 for approval.



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