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The Life of Reading

Name the Garden Contest - ALA Island in Second Life (57, 99, 28) by ALA staff

When asked what I like doing, I sometimes pause before answering that I like to read. I pause because I know that for many humans reading is seen as work or, at best, a tedious pastime. Humans are always far more impressed when men say they enjoy skiing or camping or traveling the world or anything but reading. For me, however, reading opens up new worlds and new experiences. I can live in Victorian Britain with the characters of various authors. I can solve murders with Miss Jane Marple or with Hercule Poirot. I can read biographies of people who live today and those that lived many decades before I was even born. I can learn about what it was like to live in the past, lengthen my knowledge of life today, and wonder about what it may be like to live in the future. For all the reasons, I think that reading is really a very exciting pastime and not a monotone one at all.

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