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Toxins in Your Home? Filtration of Tap Water Can Help

Why do you think it is that there are so many people out there who still ignore the need for home filtration of tap water?

The news reports that we receive all of the time tell us that the water in our reservoirs is simply not safe for us to drink, but too many are in denial of the severity of the situation. That is going to come back to haunt a lot of people.

It has been discovered over the last few decades that most of the chemicals that we humans use during our everyday lives have silently found their way into our water supply. We are now paying the price for our own careless mishandling of the chemical agents that we’ve always taken for granted.

This carelessness has now tainted our most important resource… Water.

I believe that home filtration of tap water is crucial because there are 80,000 or so commonly used (toxic) chemicals that could be present in every glass of unfiltered tap water that you drink. Of these chemical agents, there are 2,100 that are carcinogenic in nature that have been found in our reservoirs.

Action must be taken in order to keep these carcinogens away from your family.

The worst of these carcinogenic offenders may be the chemical that we have come to depend on to protect us from the waterborne diseases that threatened our lives in the past. All data indicates that since the inception of the chlorine disinfection process, the number of cancer cases has risen astronomically. Chlorine is being blamed for this incredible rise.

You have to remember that you ingest chlorine with every drink of water that you have from an unfiltered tap. And considering that cancer cases have gone from one in fifty to one in every 2.5 people since we started using chlorine for disinfection, it shows you there is a real problem with our water.

Home filtration of tap water is an absolute necessity if you want your family to remain healthy.

A home water purification system will prevent these deadly chemicals from harming your family’s health. A system that contains both an activated granular carbon filter and a multi media block will effectively prevent these chemicals from being passed on to you. There are also other considerations.

Your home’s tap water filtration won’t be complete without a sub micron filter for parasites and cysts, and an ion exchange filter can remove toxic heavy metals from your water. The ion exchange will also introduce electrolytes into your water supply, and will balance the water’s pH level. Great bonus.

Home filtration of tap water is important to everyone’s health… whether they fully realize it or not. Keeping all of the potentially damaging contaminants away from our children should be a top priority for all families.

Even if you believe there might not be a problem, you can’t afford to be wrong.

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