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According to CNN, Boyzone member, Stephen Gately, has died while on vacation in Majorca with his long-time partner, Andy Cowles. In an article on the BBC website, it's reported that Stephen Gately, age 33, went out for dinner and drinks, went to bed later and simply never woke up. The rest of the Boyzone band have already said they will be flying out to Majorca immediately to be with Andy Cowles and to help bring Stephen's body home.

Boyzone, Stephen Gately's band, was a popular Irish band that made it big in the early 1990s. With hits like “Working My Way Back to You” and “Words”, the band continued their success all through the 90s until the year 2000, when they finally broke up. Boyzone was the first Irish band to have four number one hits on the UK charts, they sold more than 10 million albums and were one of the most popular bands of the 1990s.

In 1999, right before the band broke up, Stephen Gately announced he was gay and was dating a member of the Dutch band Caught in the Act. A couple of years later he met and then married Andy Cowles, in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. They've been together ever since.

In 2000, Boyzone broke up but, for the next nine years, numerous rumors surfaced of reunions, reunion tours, a new band with a couple of new faces and more. But, as of this writing, nothing concrete ever transpired. In 2008, it seemed almost sure the band, including Stephen Gately, were going to get back together and kick their reunion off with a new tour but, it was announced later they couldn't find a backer who'd put up the money. Up until recently, there was even still a Boyzone tour website but that seems to have been taken down. Their last album, released in 2008, was entitled Back Again….. No Matter What. It was a compilation album of their greatest hits, plus three new tracks. But, unfortunately, Boyzone hasn't been – back again, that is.

Stephen Gately, meanwhile, released a solo album, which made it to the top 10 on the British charts and was quite successful in several West End productions, including Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. In the last couple of years, Gately had also been working on a children's book, which was said to be almost finished and to be published soon. He had also done some work as an interviewer for Film 24, interviewing such luminaries as Daniel Craig and Miss Piggy.

So far, nothing more is known about the cause of Gately's death. The official Boyzone website, dated October 11th, 2009, simply says “Stephen tragically died whilst on holiday in Majorca yesterday. He was there with his partner, Andrew. At present we don't have too many details. The rest of the boyz will be travelling to Majorca later this morning.”

News is also travelling fast around the UK and Europe as hundreds of fans have already left messages on the forums of the Stephen Gately Fans Website. Many expressing their shock at the loss of Gately, and stating how much he meant to them.

As tragic as any death is, what is doubly tragic about Stephen Gately's death is his young age, and what he still had left to offer the world. With an enormous musical talent, skills he was still developing and many plans in the future, it's a shame Stephen Gately will not be around to fulfill them.

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