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Are you considering a European vacation? There are many reasons to make Spain your destination.

1. The fabulous art and architecture.

Everywhere you go in Spain, there is wonderful art and architecture to explore. You can find everything from Picasso and Gaudi to castles and cathedrals. There is over 1200 years worth of art and architecture to explore. It doesn't matter what time period within European art and architectural history you'd like to explore, you can find it in Spain.

2. Sun, warmth, sangria, and tapas.

If you visit Spain's southern coast, la costa del sol (the sun coast), you will be welcomed with a warm hospitality that rivals the hospitality anywhere else in the world. In addition, you will be treated to sangria, a sweet regional drink made from chilled red wine and fresh fruit, and tapas – small appetizers consisting of olives, small pieces of meat, and more.

In addition, beginning in March, you simply can't beat the weather of southern Spain. There is plenty of sunshine, a sea breeze in the air, and warmth in the air.

3. The wide variety of climates.

Spain has mountains, arid landscapes, thousands of miles of coasts, beautiful islands, and much more. In the north, in the province of Galicia, you can find a more northern, sea-dominated environment similar to the United Kingdom. However, in the province of Extremadura, you will encounter harsh winters and sweltering summers. Near Toledo and Madrid, you will find a more arid landscape with crystal clear skies. No matter where you go in Spain, you will find one thing in common – a dazzling sunset.

4. Ease of travel.

Spain is incredibly easy to explore. Students studying abroad for a semester or more can easily and affordably travel just about every weekend of their stay. Trains and buses are affordable, safe, and reliable. You can travel from Barcelona on the east coast to the Portuguese border on the west coast by train in the span of little over a day. In addition, it is easy to travel to Madrid, the governmental and geographic center of Spain, in order to catch a flight to anywhere else in the world. It seems as though no matter where you travel in Spain, you are always roughly four hours away from Madrid by train. Madrid is a wonderful place from which to explore the rest of Spain.

5. History.

No matter where you go in Spain, you can't help but be surrounded by history. The very fabric of the country in steeped in it. If you travel south, you will be able to easily tell that Spain was under Moorish influence for close to 800 years. In the north, the Gaelic influence is still strong. In the area of Catalonia, in Barcelona in particular, you will find a mix of both French and Spanish influence. However, it is in the center of Spain that you will find the storied castles, the cathedrals, and more.

If you are considering taking a European vacation, consider at least visiting Spain. You will be hard-pressed to find a more interesting country with a more diverse past. There is always something else to explore.


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