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Northern Spain Travel Announcements

A quick shout out to Spain Holiday for bringing this Associated Content Post!

Javea, Spain has been enjoying more tourism with each year, thanks to the British and other surrounding Europeans. Although a relatively small town in the off-season, tourists and expatriates fill the beaches and resorts during the summer. Fans of this coastal Spanish town are coming from all over the globe these days and for good reason. Not only is the town coveted for its near-perfect climate, it is a place that is rich with history and gorgeous architecture. It is no wonder why the real estate industry in the area is experiencing such a boon.

The World Health Organization heralds Javea for its beautiful climates, naming it one of the best in the world. Shielded by mountains on both sides of the town, Javea is protected from any harsh Mediterranean winds. If one were to run their finger west on the globe from Javea, one would eventually stop right on Florida. This should give people an idea of how sunny and pleasant Javea is. Those with asthma or allergies may even find the Javea climate to be a medicinal one, as people often note that they can breathe better once arriving to town.

Due to the town's fortunate weather and seaside location, the beaches and water sports in Javea, Spain are legendary. Many of the beaches have received a Blue Flag rating, which is a European honor bestowed upon only the finest beaches in the world. An ancient fishing village, one of Javea's major industries is still fishing. However, most people think of sailing, surfing and scuba diving when the local water is mentioned. The biggest craze with couples in the past several years has been kite surfing, which is both an exhilarating, yet newbie-friendly, action sport. Water sports are a great draw for the tourists and expatriates, so the summer is the obvious busy time of year.

Students and admirers of architecture will find the central part of Javea to be quite fascinating. Gothic cathedrals and monuments adorn every corner of the town center and history buffs of an even more ancient persuasion will learn some fascinating stores about the town's surrounding coves (pirates!). Javea still has many modern amenities for the 21st century visitor to enjoy. Those who are accustomed to more contemporary settings will find five-star resorts and country clubs sprinkled throughout the area as well.

Many golf lovers are traveling overseas to enjoy world famous courses and Javea should definitely be at the top of their list. Golf vacation packages for Javea are available through many reputable travel agents, which often includes a condo rental right on the course, within walking distance of the local country club. Husbands and wives can enjoy an early tee time while the kids sleep in. Also, many of the country clubs will allow temporary membership through the travel agencies, so the whole family will enjoy the amenities, including tennis courts and Olympic-size pools.

Javea, Spain is one of those rare corners of the world that tastefully combines the old with the new. Although rich with history and architecture (one should be sure to visit any neighboring museums), those looking for a modern-day nightlife will also be pleased with the local clubs and bars. There is plenty of family fare, as well, with water sports and hiking attracting many visitors. It is no wonder the town is so heavily occupied by expatriates. Those who visit Javea once have a hard time leaving. For those who are curious, real estate is quite inexpensive in this area of Spain. So, if one visits Javea and loves it, maybe one should think of retiring there!


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