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Packing for a Travel to the Future

Over a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein compared time to a river. Lately, Stephen Hawking agreed, concurring not only with Einstein's comparison, but also with his idea that folks and objects can travel through time-not into the past, but into the future.

Intellectually, I find this concept fascinating, more than a little interesting, and even a bit exciting. Emotionally nevertheless , a little part of me screams, “Good God, what next?”

Isn't it crippling enough that since Hiroshima and the subsequent proliferation of nuclear weapons that we live under the constant probability of atomic war and world annihilation? Must we now also worry about incidentally tumbling into a wormhole and drifting through time an hour, a day, a week-Good God, who knows?-maybe even hundreds of years into the future?

The concept is frightening.

On the other hand, I have to admit that infrequently I would not mind being swept away. And then, naturally, there's my inherent fatalism : if it can happen, it will happen ; if not to me, then to somebody else at some specific point. On top of that is my faith in Sod's Law : I'm the Alice who'll fall down the wormhole.

I might just as well pack.

But what to take? After long consideration, I've made a decision to carry along chocolate. I've also tentatively added a warm blanket, a first aid kit, and bottled water to the list. I have vowed to dress realistically at all points, too : sensible shoes ( sneakers would be best, I suspect), jeans, and a bare-bones, tuck-in shirt. (I would not want to catch onto anything as I am body surfing down river Time).

Because I'm not made of cash, I think it would also be wise to pack a really excellent timepiece, you know, to keep tabs on the enemy with. For that, I'd probably pick one of the Breitling replica watches in watches catalogue. Since 1884, Breitling has been relied upon by soldiers and adventurers-pilots, divers, seamen, and what could be more adventurous than a trip into the future? Yes, I'll definitely take along one of the Breitling replica watches. And chocolate.


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