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The Lowdown on HEPA Air Cleaners

High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor or HEPA air cleaners are a type of filter that helps in cleaning the air we breathe. They have the capability to filter up to 99.97% of particles in the airborne environment of even down to 0.3 microns. Particulates considered as the smallest microns of allergens like dust, smoke, pollen; animal dander can be removed and filtered by this type of cleaner.

HEPA air cleaners are very reliable in getting rid the tiniest particles and only leaving clean and purified air in our environment. The more times the air is exchanged through the device in the room or open area, the better the quality. 

This type of  cleaner would prove to be effective in one particular area of the room though some high quality HEPA air cleaners also have the added feature of a medical grade ultra-violet light system or EGF system.

These cleaners are often called HEPA air purifiers because they include ultraviolet light systems or Enhanced Germicidal Filtration {EGF}systems that will also quickly kill viruses, bacteria and fungi {mold spores} when the contaminated air enters into the cleaner.

When removing airborne allergens, out-gassing chemicals and odors from your indoor environment, you could always count on HEPA Air Cleaners to control mold spores bacteria and viruses in your indoor environment.  Another type of purifier is the Ionic Air Cleaner; it neutralizes the smoke and cleans it to help families with smokers and allergy problems.

In helping protecting your family from many various pollutants present, it is advisable to utilize these air-cleaning devices to capture and remove allergens and particulates.

Some HEPA Air Cleaners also have the ability to kill viruses and biological contaminates your sleeping area.

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