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Arch Kit Features

When you are looking at door arch get one that is made of wood and not one that has plastic parts or it will not be as durable.

Not too long ago you would have found yourself paying a contractor to install doorway archways in your homes. It used to be a task that only a skilled carpenter could accomplish but nowadays you can buy do-it-yourself arch kits that make it quick and simple to do.

Another great idea is to build a portal into your ceiling and put an arched dome, barrel ceiling or cove into your ceiling. This type of ceiling detail, which can also be installed expediently with a kit, greatly compliments the look of your new arched doorways.  Most companies that cell arch kits also sell these dome kits.

However you decide to decorate the portal you are not going to be disappointed by the stylish door arch element it adds to your home in general or by the way it adds to its overall value and worth!

Make sure too that you are not going to buy an archway that hangs too low once you have installed it.  Be sure that the tallest person in your home can walk through it because once installed most of them hang a bit lower than the original door frame.

If your door frame  is already quite low then you might want to reconsider your decision to install arches at all as you don’t want people to be ducking as they move through your doorways.

When installing these doorway arches you should then mark downwards on the doorway to find the height of your desired rise and then align each  pre-cut archway to the rise mark. Depending on the heft of the archway you can use a nail or a screw  to fix them into place.

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