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Arch Kit Stories

When you are looking at door arch get one that is made of wood and not one that has plastic parts or it will not be as durable.

The elegant entrances that are created using an arch kit are absurdly easy for you to install all by yourself. For most people it takes about ten minutes. Most arch kits come with arches that are meant to fit about three feet above your doorway.

Before you install one over a door in your home you should make sure that you have at least that much clearance or you could end up with an arch that actually cuts into your ceiling. Although this truncated archway is a “look” in itself it is a bit too space-age for most people.

However if you are trying to fix up and sell a house you can sell it for a lot more money than you ever dreamed of if you have added this door arch charming architectural touch.

You can get several different styles of archways as well. You can get “half rounds” which are like half-circles and give a Spanish look to a doorway, Elliptical shaped archway kits have a gentle curve in the center with a tighter radius in the corners and are reminiscent of the Edwardian style of design.  Eyebrow arches are associated with bringing a contemporary and modern feel to an entrance.

If you like you can buy pre-fabricated doorway arches but these arch kits are the way to go if you are on a budget. Prefabricated doorway arches can cost anywhere from to 0 depending on how decorative they are in style.  The other thing to keep in mind here is that the more decorative the arch the more complicated it will be to install.

When installing these doorway arches you should then mark downwards on the doorway to find the height of your desired rise and then align each  pre-cut archway to the rise mark. Depending on the heft of the archway you can use a nail or a screw  to fix them into place.

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