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The loveliest of the arched doorways above doorways and other portals in home also have a bit of embellishment on them of some kind whether it is done with paint or wooden adornments of some kind.   However there is also a lot to be said for the purity of the undecorated doorway which is reminiscent of a portal to a home in ancient Greece.

The elegant entrances that are created using an arch kit are absurdly easy for you to install all by yourself. For most people it takes about ten minutes. Most arch kits come with arches that are meant to fit about three feet above your doorway.

Another great idea is to build a portal into your ceiling and put an arched dome, barrel ceiling or cove into your ceiling. This type of ceiling detail, which can also be installed expediently with a kit, greatly compliments the look of your new arched doorways.  Most companies that cell arch kits also sell these dome kits.

However you decide to decorate the portal you are not going to be disappointed by the stylish arched doorways element it adds to your home in general or by the way it adds to its overall value and worth!

Doorway arches have been associated with respectable looking dwellings for centuries which are why you see them in institutions such as churches and museums. When you  replace your square door frames with arched doorways you also get an architectural effect that is more Spanish or Graeco-Roman in effect.   They are also associated with more medieval architectures so if you are into a more Gothic style of décor you will love the look that doorway arches give your home.

If you like you can buy pre-fabricated doorway arches but these arch kits are the way to go if you are on a budget. Prefabricated doorway arches can cost anywhere from to 0 depending on how decorative they are in style.  The other thing to keep in mind here is that the more decorative the arch the more complicated it will be to install.

When installing these doorway arches you should then mark downwards on the doorway to find the height of your desired rise and then align each  pre-cut archway to the rise mark. Depending on the heft of the archway you can use a nail or a screw  to fix them into place.

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