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Asbestos Mesothelioma – Saving Your Life With Oxygen and Beets

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In 1932, a German biostatician, named Dr. Otto Warburg received the Physiology Nobel Peace Prize for his unique work on respiratory enzymes. This probably means very little to anyone afflicted by mesothelioma but it has massive implications. Here’s why.

Dr. Warburg discovered that in the presence of an oxygen depleted environment, a normally healthy cell will convert into a cancerous cell. It would require as little as a 30% reduction in the levels of oxygen to intiate that cancer process. Normal healthy cells convert nutrients such as sugars, fats and proteins into energy by burning them with oxygen to produce energy. However, a cancer cell converts sugar into energy without oxygen. The process is called fermentation in an anaerobic environment. Consequently, cancer cells actually require a low oxygen environment to survive. A low oxygen environment produces an acidic or low pH level. Thus, either increasing the oxygen levels and/or increasing the pH to alkali levels would reduce and inhibit the amount of cancerous growth.

Fertilizers, pesticides and other toxins like asbestos act to reduce oxygen absorption in cells. These toxins accomplish this is many varied and complex ways. One of the ways is for the molecular compounds in the toxins to attach to receptor sites in your body’s cells. These receptor sites are used for a myriad of body functions such as immune system operations. If these sites are blocked by toxin compounds, they drastically alter the immune system capabilities, which of course, impairs the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells.

You have to understand the importance of oxygen in your daily life. For example, in your daily consumption of energy, your body uses oxygen to burn fats, proteins and sugars. To burn only one molecule of glucose sugar, six molecules of oxygen are required. To burn one molecule of fat, 16 molecules of oxygen are required. And to burn one molecule of protein, an enormous amount of 77 molecules of oxygen are required. So if your body is low on oxygen, not only can it not efficiently process fats, proteins and sugars but it also impairs its ability to destroy cancer cells.

Warburg’s research found that enzymes found in our everyday foods increased the oxygen levels in cells. One of those enzymes is cytohemin which is found in the beet root. Many of us have had pickled beets but it is more effective to eat beets raw than cooking them because there is a risk of the enzymes being broken down (denaturation) by heat and vinegar.

Many people have found that after eating raw beets or fresh beet juice, their energy increases. In one study at the University of Exeter’s School of Sport and Health Sciences in the U.K., Professor Andrew Jones reported:

“We were amazed by the effects of beet juice on oxygen uptake because these effects cannot be achieved by any other known means, including training.”

This is just one example of how a simple change in diet, by eating raw beets, can help you fight cancer.

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