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Denver Fibromyalgia Doctor Discusses New Fibromyalgia Treatment

Successful Fibromyalgia treatment is way more neurologically based than muscularly based. Oxygen therapy is used as a Denver Fibromyalgia treatment. Your brain wants oxygen, it's simply that your muscles feel almost all of the agony. Many Fibromyalgia diagnoses come from Rheumatologists. A Rhueumatologist, by definition, is a doctor that concentrates on aberrations of joints and soft tissues- not nerves.

Fibromyalgia won't be a joint and soft tissue disorder it, quite probably might be more of a neurological disorder.

Denver fibromyalgia doctor

Actually new studies show that a Fibromyalgia diagnosis is far more certain to be of a neurological origin then a rheumatic one. The term rheumatology originates from the Greek word rheuma, meaning “that which flows as a river or stream, ” and the suffix -ology, meaning “the study of. ” ( Which is ironic since nerves and blood seem to flow like a brook much more than joints).

Denver fibromyalgia doctor

Almost all of my Fibromyalgia patients are chronically tired. But what really get tired is your nervous system. One Denver fibromyalgia doctor uses the term,”Nerve Exhaustion ” to exactingly describe what occurs in Fibromyalgia.


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