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Do It Yourself Remodeling Announcements

Transform Your Home With Beautiful door arch. There is nothing like arched doorway  to completely transform the look of an entrance in your home. Arched doorways are elegant, affordable and easy to install yourself.

Not too long ago you would have found yourself paying a contractor to install doorway archways in your homes. It used to be a task that only a skilled carpenter could accomplish but nowadays you can buy do-it-yourself arch kits that make it quick and simple to do.

Why are people mad for this style of doorway frame?  Well first of all it gives your home a more polished look like you have spent thousands of dollars in renovations when you really haven’t.  In fact you can get a great arch kit for about thirty bucks.

Before you look at door arch it is important to consider the sizing of it.  Before you leave for the store you need to measure the width of your doorway.  Be sure you know where the center of your square framed original doorway is as well so that the archway fits perfectly when you install it.

Doorway arches have been associated with respectable looking dwellings for centuries which are why you see them in institutions such as churches and museums. When you  replace your square door frames with arched doorways you also get an architectural effect that is more Spanish or Graeco-Roman in effect.   They are also associated with more medieval architectures so if you are into a more Gothic style of décor you will love the look that doorway arches give your home.

If your door frame  is already quite low then you might want to reconsider your decision to install arches at all as you don’t want people to be ducking as they move through your doorways.

When installing these doorway arches you should then mark downwards on the doorway to find the height of your desired rise and then align each  pre-cut archway to the rise mark. Depending on the heft of the archway you can use a nail or a screw  to fix them into place.

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