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The Golden Rim of Cartier Jewel, as the Leader Trend

Cartier, as a top-grade jewel brand, always builds the rare coronets for the royalty of various countries, and every piece of it is regarded as the symbol of right and status by the royalty. Catier is the expert of making crowns. To make the exquisite crowns ingenious , Catier has begun to use platinum since the beginning of the 20th century. The headdress with flower design and diamond lace decoration, which may help improve the headform, is to show their power, or rather, to satisfy their longing for beauty.

Crown is the symbol of identity. Different choices of crowns exhibit different attitudes and preferences. For example, Queen Elizabeth selects the leafroll and bay leafdesigned crown which stands for imperialpower, while Begum Andrée, Aga Khan III’s wife, chooses the lotus. Cartier combined fables with their unique designs, for which diamonds shined dazzlingly.

Later, crowns became a fashion. Then it got widespreaded and developed as a theme in royal family gatherings. It also soon spread from the noble family to the financial interests. The famous case is that Lila Vanderbit Field, trueborn progeny of the most famous American steel king, bought the modern Catier headwear made in 1902.

In addition, many famous female designers have a strong affection to the crown, such as Worth and Paquin. They use the noble crown in combination with the delicate hairstyle. Grace Kelly, the famous Hollywood film star and former Queen of Monaco, also is very fond of the crown and diamond of Cartier. She owns many diamonds of Cartier all her life and becomes an elegant model for wearing the crown of Cartier.

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