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abstract artist

Paint up the sky.(explore) by kahyinG ♥

The act of abstraction has possibly always had a logical ghost. Though most view abstract expressionism as an artist's pure perception from the world, they are only half right. Whilst it truly is indeed a realization of the artists perception, there also tends to be a heavy thought method throughout the creation. I know as far as my pieces are considered that I typically begin having a concept that develops, an virtually self realizing idea, expressing itself by way of accident along with the reality of its very own creation. In this respect you locate that what you had initially envisioned usually differs from your end result even though allowing you to delve deeper into not just your own mind but that of the perspective audience. It is also my strong belief that the reason maybe that abstract expressionism is looked at frequently time without logic, is since most viewers will never see the process that goes into making it; it truly is what I believe being the fundamental flaw of art, most don't care about how you do it as long as it gets carried out. And that isn't say that everyone doesn't care, but rather to theorize that though looking at a piece most will tend to see only what is there or what's eluded to and not to contemplate how it was created.

abstract artist

Abstract Painting Art

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