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Handheld Laser Particle Counters Effective For Both Real Time And Sequential Particle Monitoring

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Real Time particle monitoring requires placing a single handheld laser particle counter or a particle sensor at a designated location within the cleanroom. The particle counter sensor counts particles and monitors their events at the specified location in the cleanroom. The particles are monitored in particles per cubic foot or per cubic meter. There are no gaps in the particle counting data, making the Real Time system highly effective at critical locations to properly monitor sensitive processes.

Real Time particle monitoring offers a choice between using a remote particle counter or a stand alone handheld laser particle counter with a built-in vacuum pump. The remote particle counter provides a process vacuum for sampling or a separate pump dedicated to particle counting may be used.

Sequential particle monitoring is also known as a Manifold monitoring system or as Pneumatically Multiplexed Particle Counting. In this system, a single handheld laser particle counter is used to monitor multiple location points. To accomplish this, a sequential manifold sampler must be added to connect the particle counter to the various sampling tubes. These individual tubes are then sampled in a sequential order.

The particle counter stops counting until the tube change is complete and allows any air from the previous sample to be purged. The number of monitoring points determines the frequency of each sample.

Real Time Particle Monitoring Benefits:

* Very effective for monitoring low detection limits

* Excellent for equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance

* Provides continuous detection of all particle events

Sequential Particle Monitoring Benefits:

* Fewer particle counters required to cover a specific area

* Particle counters more easily serviced via central location

* Data collection between particle counters not necessary

About the Author – Chuck Jaymes is an indoor air quality professional and offers reviews and comparisons about Handheld Laser Particle Counters for BPA Air Quality Solutions.

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