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Posts on ‘May 22nd, 2010’

abstract artist

The act of abstraction has possibly always had a logical ghost. Though most view abstract expressionism as an artist's pure perception from the world, they are only half right. Whilst it truly is indeed a realization of the artists perception, there also tends to be a heavy thought method throughout the creation. I know as [...]

Telecommunications Director for Call Center, VOIP Job in Athens 30601, Georgia US

Job Description: Manages and coordinates telecommunications activities concerned with planning, acquisition, design, installation, and maintenance of voice, and video equipment and systems. Works closely with the company’s Information Technology Services in acquisition and design of Wide Area Networks. Leads and participates in studies conducted on existing communications system and equipment, such as present and projected [...]

Symptoms of Acid Reflux For Adults and Children

Acid reflux, although not considered fatal in itself, has its toll to one’s quality of life and everyday activities. The symptoms for adult and children who have acid reflux vary. Acid reflux symptoms for adults are as follows: 1. Heartburn. It is a burning sensation located in the stomach or the lower chest that may [...]

What Will Happen to a Mortgage After Filing Bankruptcy?

Image : When a debtor files for bankruptcy they often have questions as to what will happen to their mortgage. This will all depend on the type of bankruptcy they file. It will also depend on if they even decide to include the mortgage in their bankruptcy plan. Many people don’t realize that when [...]

New wheels and tires

Quick vid of my new wheels and tires on my trx300 4×2 with duals…… Visit : Wilma Santana

Handheld Laser Particle Counters Effective For Both Real Time And Sequential Particle Monitoring

Image : Real Time particle monitoring requires placing a single handheld laser particle counter or a particle sensor at a designated location within the cleanroom. The particle counter sensor counts particles and monitors their events at the specified location in the cleanroom. The particles are monitored in particles per cubic foot or per cubic [...]


Heuchler Amazing CD – Joseph W. Alves – Miramar, FloridaThis cd is my favorite Megaherz cd. It takes some time to get used to. It doesn’t have their older sound with a lot of keyboards and stuff, which I like, but it has a different goth sound now, which fits perfect with their goth style [...]

Media Lead Generation News

The Following Blog Post is from Associated Content and brought to you by gary bobel Before I get started I want it to be noted that in order for Facebook to work for you, try to separate accounts. Meaning if you have a Facebook account for friends and relatives, create a separate one strictly for [...]

Lead Generation Features

This Blog Post is from Associated Content and brought to you by gary bobel It's now been reported that a vast amount of people have been infected with swine flu or H1N1 around the world. The projected infection rate in the coming year is only expected to rise significantly. While it's a cause for concern, [...]

What Do Mutual Fund Ratings Involve?

Investors who want to restrict or reduce their risk normally select mutual funds. Mutual funds are a diversified group of money market securities, equities or bonds that create returns from more than one source. However, thanks to their diversification, the risk involved is reduced or limited. Mutual fund ratings are used to aid active investors [...]


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