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Symptoms of Acid Reflux For Adults and Children

Acid reflux, although not considered fatal in itself, has its toll to one’s quality of life and everyday activities. The symptoms for adult and children who have acid reflux vary. Acid reflux symptoms for adults are as follows:

1. Heartburn. It is a burning sensation located in the stomach or the lower chest that may extend to the neck.

2. Regurgitation. This is the involuntary rise of food to the mouth.

3. Chest pain.

4. Dysphagia. This is the condition where the person is having a hard time swallowing the food.

5. Excessive salivating. This is the body’s response to heartburn.

6. Nausea.

7. Dental erosion, asthma or hoarseness. This is triggered by the acidic juices making its way to the throat, mouth, and the lungs.

8. Sinusitis.

9. Chronic cough.

10. Injury to the esophagus.

On the other hand, acid reflux symptoms for children are as follows:

1. Irritability and pain. Children suffering from discomfort brought by this illness would suddenly scream in their sleep or would simply not stop crying especially if you ask them to lie in their beds.

2. They would usually arch their neck or back when sleeping.

3. Poor sleeping habits.

4. Excessive dripping or runny nose.

5. Frequent burping.

6. Frequent hiccups.

7. Just like adults, they will have a hard time swallowing. At times, they would even gag or choke.

8. Their poop smells like acid.

9. Frequent sinus congestion or ear infections.

10. Extreme cases of acid reflux can cause children to have sleep apnea, bronchitis, asthma or pneumonia.

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