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University Hospital fires the director and silent

Dusseldorf – What’s there “verdocktert been”?
At its board meeting, the University Hospital of Düsseldorf has abruptly put its commercial director Ines Manegold the door.
Interim successor was now first Thorsten Celary, who previously served as head of the administrative department controlling.
That was indeed quite a fix: Ines Manegold was only since the 15th February last year in office. About the reason of dismissal if one is not really speak at the University Hospital.
CEO Professor Dr. Wolfgang Raab: “The details we do not want to speak publicly. That belongs in our house for good tone. Only this: It has to do with differing views on fundamental matters of the hospital. ”
Manegold came as financial Dezernentin the University Hospital of Cologne to Düsseldorf. She had taken over the directorship of her predecessor Peter Zschernack.

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