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  • Irie Blogs Update
    We’ve added new themes to give you more choices for the look and feel of your blog. We have also [...]
  • We Shall Overcome
    To thy house o Lord with rejoicing we come for we know that we are thine. Jamaica is reputed to be the country that have the most churches per square km in the world! It is therefore difficult to comprehend the high level of violence that pervades the society
  • The Irie Feeling Continues!
    If  2008  in Beijing was great for Jamaica, 2009 in Berlin was even greater! The Track and Field team continued to [...]
  • 2010 World Cup: History of the World Cup
    Brasilien Trikot Every four years the soccer world gathers for the most thrilling level of competition that the sport has [...]
  • University Hospital fires the director and silent
    Dusseldorf – What’s there “verdocktert been”? At its board meeting, the University Hospital of Düsseldorf has abruptly put its commercial [...]
  • Budget Is Announced – A Summary Of How It Affects You
    Chancellor Alistair Darling has set out his Budget for 2010, the last one ahead of the general election. A rise [...]
  • Medical Advice for Hyper Tension
    Image : Blood pressure is decided by the quantity of blood the heart pumps and the amount of resistance [...]
  • Cant Stop That Irie Feeling!
    This year in Beijing was great for Jamaica. The Track and Field team produced stunning performances to the delight not [...]
  • Cricket Lovely Cricket
    Cricket has always been known as the game of gentlemen. When in 1994 Brian Lara broke Garfield Sober’s world record [...]
  • Diana Ross at Air Jamaica Jazz Festival
    Every thing was irie, Getting in the groove, I just a come down to movements when someone said ‘dont move’! [...]
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